Jimi Tenor & Kabu Kabu: 4th Dimension
Track by track with Jimi Tenor

1. Aligned Planets listen
This song we have played live a lot as the opener of out set. Originally I wrote it as a new intro for Miracles but now it has a life of it´s own.

2. Mystery Spot listen
It remains a mystery what this song is about. I guess musically it´s not so mysterious. It´s just a straightforward dance track. The BVs where sung by our lovely singers Mariamu Morris and Djatou Touré.

3. Global Party listen
Originally I wanted the whole album to be "studio live". Meaning no
overdubs. That´s the way this track used to be. I had a really
complicated sax melody and tricky chords as an intro. Later on I
thought that sax intro with funny chords didn´t work and I edited it
out. I also wrote a new bass line for the chorus and put new "house"
chords underneath.
This song is loosely based on the Moomin story: Comet in Moominland.
In that story the people have a big party the night before a comet is
going to hit the earth. In this song the comet is replaced by global
warming. The comet doesn´t end up hitting the earth after all, but next
morning Moomintroll says something like: "How can I be thirsty although
I´ve been drinking all night?"

4. Triple Helix listen
This is one of my favorites of the album. I know there are a lot of
soloing and nothing much happens....but I think enough things happen. I
also like the half arranged feel of the horn section.

5. Grind! listen
"Grind!...I want you now, you are so fine". I had a vision for these
lyrics when I saw a couple dancing to this song dance hall-style
during our recording session.

6. Mogadishu Ave. listen
To me this song is a north african rock-song. Mogadishu Avenue is
actually a place in Helsinki where a lot of Somalian people live.

7. Mega Roots listen
The song title is a tribute to Boredom´s song "Super Roots". Which
happens to be one of my favorite Boredoms songs. I like the way some of
their tracks sound like field recordings and since this "Mega Roots"
was recorded with a ghettoblaster on a cassette it has a bit of that
field recording sound. We played the track a bit slower than the
version on the album, but I used a different tape recorder to play the
tape back than the one we used for the recording so the tape speeds
didn´t match.

8. Me I say Yes listen
The original title of this song was "Gardens of Pohjola". In fact the
title is still there in the horn parts we use for live gigs. I had
lyrics and all for that title. It was some kind of an "end of the
world"- song as well. Well, I wasn´t feeling so end of the world any
more and I changed the theme of the song.

9. Floating Orange listen
This is a very exceptional track on this album because it´s not
"live" at all. I made Ekow and Famson to play rhythms in a fixed tempo.
I had programmed a rhythm and that was played in their headphones.
Later on I combined  the stuff Ekow and Famson had played to be the
rhythm track of this song. My programmed beat was only for inspiration
and not used for the recording. We recorded this in a rehearsing room
in Berlin and were really lucky because the moment we stopped recording
an metal band started rehearsing next door and recording would have
become impossible.

10. El Lahti! listen
This was done in a same way as the previous track. These two are the
"electronic" tracks of the album!

11. Kolmikanta listen
I am big fan of 3/4 time signature. It´s problem. Help me!

12. Fast Legs listen
Another track recorded with my brothers ghettoblaster. We used
calabashes floating in water .

13. Higher Styx listen
A wicked Afro funk dance track. Not much else to add.

14. Magical World listen
A story of a creation of the world in several idiomas. In 3/4

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