Still from Dr. Abortenstein presents:
Dr. Abortenstein
A film by Jimi Tenor and Jusu Lounela
Introduction by Jimi Tenor

This film was the second film Jusu Lounela and I did. The first one was called Painimies 1 (The Wrestling Man 1). The Wrestling Man 1 was shot on Super 8 and we don't have a video print yet to put on the site. Well in fact Dr. Abortenstein was shot with Super 8 as well, but this time we had lights and smoke. Also we used mostly BW film which made the lighting much easier.

This film was divided in two parts:

1: The creation of the monster
2: The life of the monster

The second part didn't work that well, so we've mostly shown the first part. The second was in color which obviously was too difficult for us. And the storyline wasn't that strong either... :-D

We got a lot of negative response from this film. I can easily understand that. Dr. Abortenstein is not a nice guy at all. He's a total asshole.

One small note here: the scene where pregnant Mrs. Botha comes to the clinic might seem racist. The thing is that Botha was the prime minister of apartheid South Africa during the making of this film. Dr. Abortenstein desperately wants the foetus in the woman's womb and decides to tell her that the child is black. Of course he knew the woman would like to have an illegal abortion. This scene was inspired by a documentary film, where a South African white couple got a black kid and they denied that there was any chance that the father was black. They (the film makers) speculated on all kinds of theories that it might be some kind of freak of nature!! Anyway... the couple became an outcast, they moved somewhere in the ghetto, changed names all that shit...

I know that this film is not a masterpiece. But because of the "no-budget" we hopefully captured something about life that isn't seen in the big films.

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