Ask Jimi!

11a Lilli: Hi jimi, thanx u 4 making me high yesterday, thankx 4 y sign, y music makes me feel good inside and see the sky in my heart, kisses lilli

11b Robocco: It was brilliant! i really am now filled up with energy again. thanks for that, jimi and nicole!

Jimi: Liked the show in Linz...great! The main thing is to make ONE or more people happy when you play.

12 Johannes Virtanen: I think that "Intervision" is by far the best album of Jimi Tenor.

Jimi: Intervision the best....maybe. You never know. Early seventies was Miles' best. I agree...lot of people don't.

13 Pörris: What were you thinking about when you made 'Take me baby'? (that's great! :)

Jimi: I think it must have been sex. Also: "I wonder what our neighbours are thinking about me singing this thing", which is a very typical Finnish thing to think. But definitely the sex idea was strong.

14 Mike: I was wondering where you have those black angular glasses from? They are by far the best ones Iīve seen. Please be so kind and let me know where I can get them.

Jimi: These glasses are from the street in NY bought around -92. Impossible to find nowadays. They were a cheap Korean make. Sorry.

16 Jim: Saw you play at the Barbican last year, really enjoyed the gig, I was wondering where you got the inspiration for the outfit you wore in the second half? Most impressive.

Jimi: The idea was basically to look like a fish. It was influenced by Parliament record cover Motorbooty affair. The original sketch was done by my wife Nicole (I didnīt tell her anything about the Parliament thingy. I just said "fish") and Anatole Kysk actually made and properly designed the whole thing. The headpiece was a copy of a headdress Iīve had for a couple years.