Jimi Tenor in Austria
the audioroom 5 tour, 9 - 11 November 2000

Jimi Tenor's first gig in Vienna was with Sähkö Records at WUK, April 1994. In October 1995 he played at Phonotaktik and threw in a secret gig in a bar too. And it was Vienna where Steve Beckett of Warp once caught Jimi giving a piece of leberkäse some special treatment which then lead to a deal with his label.
Well, Jimi is no longer with Warp, but he's back in Austria with his band for three shows from Graz via Linz to the audioroom "We are five!" party in Vienna.

The band:

Jimi Tenor with Nicole Willis (vocals), Ilkka Mattila (guitar), Philip Laughlin (bass) and Simon Pearson (drums)

Casanova Revuetheater

The dates:

09 Nov 00: Theatro, Graz
10 Nov 00: Posthof, Linz
11 Nov 00: the audioroom "We are five!", Casanova, Vienna

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