Before the show

Jimi Tenor
live at Plaša de la Catedral,

Barcelona, 22 Sep 2000

Thousands of people found their way to the Cathedral Square in Barcelona to experience Jimi Tenor's show with the Municipal Band of Barcelona a few days after his orchestral debut at the Barbican in London. His performance was a success among the audience, but the critics' reactions were somewhat reserved (although they did have plenty of good things to say too). Here's a few excerpts from the Spanish press, kindly provided by Jorge Artajo.

Avui (23 Sep 00) - "A diverse audience watched the mix of an orchestra and an experimental rock band with interest and enthusiasm. Jimi Tenor dressed in an colourful red tunic changed back and forth from sax to piano showing his well known musical eclectism."

El Periodico De Catalunya (24 Sep 2000) - "Jimi Tenor showed up dressed in a short satin gown, ready to mix the extraterrestial deliriums of Sun Ra with the satin sexuality of Barry White. With La Banda Municipal de Barcelona and the Cathedral at the back, it was something unusual. 4000 people stood watching with their mouths wide open."

Chris Dawkins and Jimi

Wanda Pittman, Nicole Willis and Jimi

Avui (24 Sep 00) - "Jimi Tenor made a perfect union with La Banda Municipal de Barcelona giving a sophisticated funky session drawing from black North American music of the 70's and Isaac Hayes. But although the combination of the orchestra and the composer, saxophonist and pianist Jimi Tenor always searching for something new sounded an interesting idea, it was slightly disappointing in the end... "

La Vanguardia (24 Sep) - "The more contemporary musical sequences were made for La Banda, while Tenor's electric group was reproducing funk sketches of the 70's mixed with metal elements. There was a lot of wah-wah guitar in the style of Isaac Hayes' 'Shaft', some jazz-rock in the spirit of George Duke and enjoyable vocal work by Jimi Tenor and his excellent vocalists…"

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excerpts translated from Spanish and Catalan by Jorge Artajo