Photo: Chris Gurney

Beyond Nowhere
An interview with Jimi Tenor
by Chris Gurney, July 2000

CG: While waiting for the new album to come out, we've had a chance to hear you on various other releases... some of Maurice Fulton's records, City Of Women... and one I particularly enjoy; the Impostor Orchestra cd. Can you tell us something about 'Heliopause'?

JT: Heliopause was some sort of a preparation for 'Out of Nowhere' although now I feel it sounds very different since it's a more experimental album. The "jingles" in the end of the album were originally commissioned by a German radio station, but they rejected it because they were too something. Too arty I guess... World is becoming more and more commercial and similar wherever you go, so I don't have a problem to be arty. I used to have a problem with that but now I don't.

CG: Another interesting project is 'City Of Women' which involves you, the legendary Edward Vesala, and features the instruments built by Matti Knaapi. The title 'City Of Women 1' suggests there might be some more of this coming... is that so?

JT: Edward died after the album was done, covers and all. We had a couple of arguments with him how to credit the players and who did what on the album. He's probably the most aggressive player I've ever worked with and perhaps the most amazing. Unfortunately we had disagreements, well, basically about who gets the credit of the album... which was not so cool from either of us. There can't be 'City of Women 2' for obvious reasons.

CG: What about you and Matti Knaapi... any new instruments in the works?

JT: Matti is very busy with the computers, but normally we end up making a new instrument every second year. We used to be more productive, but we live nowadays in different countries. I guess we'll develop the photophone idea a bit further although Matti says it's not sexy enough of an instrument.