Photo: Chris Gurney

Beyond Nowhere
An interview with Jimi Tenor (4/4)

CG: Being such an album, with the orchestra and all, can we expect any live performances of the material? Any plans for a tour?

JT: There are gigs. London 17.9, Barcelona 22.9, and maybe a Polish tour.

CG: Helsinki is the European City of Culture this year. I was kind of hoping to see something by Jimi Tenor among the festivities. I guess I was too optimistic...

JT: Hmmmm... unfortunately Finland doesn't seem to be ready for my symphonic style. It's OK actually. So called classical music has too much respect there to my taste anyway.

CG: Besides music you've been into other creative stuff too... do you have any time left for anything like photography and such these days, or does your musical career take up all your time?

JT: Outside music my hobbies recently have been watching Euro2000...

CG: I recently did a Jimi Tenor search on the net and came up with some event at the Old Student House in Helsinki back in 1995 which featured "Cheese covers by Jimi Tenor"... what exactly was that about?

JT: I did small art pieces like those winter landscapes in a glass full of liquid that you turn upside down and artificial snow falls down. I had pieces of cheese (those cheesetriangles in tinfoil) in those domes. Some other stuff as well. Like a miniature car. I also filled lightbulbs with golddust and sugarwater. They looked nice when shaken... Very low profile art really.

CG: Finally a brief glimpse towards the future: What next?

JT: I have several ideas about how to do stuff. Maybe a big band thing...? Also were going to make a TV show: Jimi Tenor show!

Out Of Nowhere track-by-track with Jimi Tenor