Jimi Tenor Films

Jimi Tenor, film-maker

Though quite a few wild ideas for films emerged from the creative minds of Jimi Tenor and long-time friend & co-director Jusu Lounela, many of them were left unrealized - including an adult clay animation, a catastrophe film set in a public lavatory, and the biography of the great Jean Gigelius/Sibelius - they did manage to make a bunch of no-budget masterpieces.

Jusu Lounela, fellow film-maker

Every once in a while you might be lucky enough to catch a screening of one these films before a Jimi Tenor gig, or even come across them at some film festival. But if not, you can view two of them at this site (follow the links below).

Jimi also filmed a documentary on Sähkö Recordings which was released on VHS but is no longer available.

Still from Urinator

Still from Urinator

Still from Dr. Abortenstein

Urinator (1994, with Jusu Lounela)
A terribly bad villain called Urinator rules the world and must be overthrown - in quite an unorthodox way...
Jimi's introduction and the film in realvideo!

Painimies II (1993, with Jusu Lounela)
A kind of primitive road movie in which our hero swims from Helsinki to New York where he comes across some aliens from outer space and gives a speech at the UN.

Dr. Abortenstein
(1992, with Jusu Lounela)
Something in the spirit of the 30s horror movies.
Jimi's introduction and the film in realvideo!

Painimies I (1992, with Jusu Lounela)
Painimies (the wrestling man) comes to Helsinki to fight the mafia and a mysterious kung fu -man.

Sähkö The Movie (1995)
This experimental documentary about Sähkö Recordings shot on 16mm film basically "shows you what those guys get up to in their native Finland and their adventures abroad as they attempt to conquer the world, and win" features Pan(a)sonic, Ø, Hertsi, and of course Jimi Tenor.