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Jimi Tenor & Kabu Kabu: Joystone
Track by track with Jimi Tenor

1. Anywhere, Anytime listen
A cool thing about this track is that Didier was still setting up the mikes when we were already recording. That´s why the drum overhead channel opens up all of a sudden during vocals. I think we were jamming something along the lines of "Sunrise", but Ilkka hadn´t heard Sunrise yet so he chose different chords for guitar.

2. Green Grass listen
This must be the most arranged track on the whole album. It´s latin but it´s not.

3. I Wanna Hook Up with You listen
One of those tracks we were just jamming in the studio. Later I added some stuff , like the vocals. Me and Nicole like songs that have the word "tonight" in them. I guess it´s a reminder of that we were teenagers in the 80´s.

4. Hot Baby listen
Who is that hot baby moaning at the b-part? It must be a secret because even I don´t know who it is! Better that way, let you imagination free!

5. Bedroom Eyes listen
Very traditional song here. Is it disco? A wicked bari sax solo by Timo Lassy

6. Hermetic Man listen
My love for long melodies is now official. Been listening a lot of fusion lately.

7. Love Is the Only God listen
Half of the band counts in 4 and half in 6 in this song. I belong to the 6 club …

8. Ariane listen
Wasn´t originally instrumental. Now is. Better like that.

9. Smoking listen
Didier´s echoes are great for this track here.

10. Horror Water listen
One of my favorite tracks on this album. Life is great but unexplainable.

11. Sunrise listen
I am an old hippie, but who cares. This is a nature song. It should be the last song played in night clubs that are open until late. Should work in Ibiza in the morning.

12. Dede listen
Nicholas singing. He also plays a big garbage can he found from the corridor. Amazing. I taped some keys down in my farfisa and messed with the volume pedal and played some flute. Famson starts the track off with the log-o-phone, that I carved out of wood with an axe.

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