Nicole Willis. Photo: Jimi Tenor

Nicole Willis
The solo project

Besides touring with Jimi Tenor, Nicole Willis has been busy with her first solo album. It has been recorded for Tommi Grönlund's Sähkö Recordings and is produced by Jimi Tenor and Maurice Fulton, except for one track, 'Dinosauri' which is produced by Lary Seven. "It's been a painless collaboration for me with these guys! I feel like it's my best work yet!" says Nicole.

The recording started in August at Estudio Copito de Nieve numero dos, Barcelona. "The first track we did is 'Army for Love', a ballad that seemed to foretell our relationship." This was followed by an electronic Motown inspired 'You're gonna get yours' on which Nicole plays some guitar.

She had planned to stay for 10 days, but they managed to get 5 songs ready in 4 days, so things happened quite fast. "Not to say that we didn't have fun in the interim. Jimi and I quickly established our relationship during that time. It was pretty whirlwind!"

Soul Makeover

All The Time


Work on the album then continued at Maurice Fulton's studios back in New York with 'I'm not going', an 80s funk inspired song on which Jimi Tenor makes his debut on soprano sax. During the sessions Jimi and Maurice carried on with their long running debate of 'Cubase' vs. analog vintage gear. "I'd say whatever works, the result of the meld of the two is this album", says Nicole.

The last song recorded before leaving for Poland (to record Jimi's new album) was 'Curiosity', the first single. "Jimi supplied an excellent dance track with his own BV's that was easy to write to."

Nicole Willis' previous works include two albums with 'Repercussions' and a duet with Curtis Mayfield on the tribute album to the artist. Leftfield's album 'Rhythm and Stealth' features Nicole on lead vocal on 'Swords'.

Singles All the Time and Curiosity and the album 'Soul Makeover' are out on Sähkö. Her website was launched in January 2001.