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Here you'll find selected Jimi Tenor and related press appearances. If you know of something I don't, please tell me about it.

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The May issue of Finger, a collection of charts and lists by musicians, writers, artists and icons, includes Jimi Tenor's favourite picks from fruits to movies.

Kouvolan Sanomat on April 28 tells about Jimi's soundtrack project which he is recording with Kymi Wind Band for Simon Cathcarts Stagknight.


Silly clothes can't disguise huge talent, writes Evening Standard on Sep 16 in it's review of Jimi's gig at London's Jazz Cafe. According to the review, Jimi is a remarkable multi-instrumentalist who can write and orchestrate brilliantly. "The performance was full of movement and visual interest... though he and his eight-piece band were again decked in bizarre outfits, the music drove relentlessly hard. Three Nigerian newcomers, a kit-drummer and two hand-drum percussionists, explained this surge of energy, but Jimi's Fender-bassist and guitarist didn't spare themselves either. His two-man brass section of trumpet and trombone riffed with taut accuracy and soloed with exuberant power, but as always Jimi was continuously the centre of attention."

More about silly clothes in The Guardian on Sep 21, though not forgetting the music: "The eight musicians, wearing spangled cloaks and floral garlands, are deceptively good: tight where the music demands it, but equally able to turn in a bit of hooligan jazz, with blaring trumpet and trombone solos, to complement Tenor's more wayward tendencies... Tenor sits behind a Fender Rhodes suitcase piano, his flute propped against a piercingly amplified Moog, which he plays with his forehead during Tsunami... Only a few people attempt to dance to Tsunami's monster riff, but everyone loves it anyway. Tenor's best songs, such as Strawberry Place, Miracles and Beyond the Stars, the title track of his latest album, have maddeningly catchy hooks. And he can do a lot with one note, as the stomping encore of his hit Sugardaddy proves." The full review is online here.

Hämeen Sanomat (Finland) on Jul 21 writes about Jimi's golf championship victory. "I used to live next to a golf course as a kid, and we used to go hit a ball there with the guys. Looks like I'm still quite good at it."

Jimi talks about coffee, music, food and more in Johnny Kniga kertoo (Finland) issue 6/04. He also reveals a rather interesting Stravisnki related project he's been working on, which unfortunately may never see daylight.

Soundi (Finland) issue 6-7/04 has an excellent review of Beyond the Stars, and also a short interview.

Issue 6/04 of Rumba (Finland) has a nice little Jimi Tenor interview and a rather lousy, though in a way amusing review.

There's a short Jimi Tenor Q&A in the June issue of Nöjesguiden (Finland). He also lists his Barcelona top 5:
- Tibidabo amusement park. High on top of the mountain, sometimes above the clouds.
- Table tennis in the park, e.g. in La Sagrada Familia park.
- The beach. There are nudist beaches too, though I've never been...
- Caixa Forum. Good exhibitions, also the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion nearby, nice.
- Flea Market. By Glories metro station. A real flea market, not just antiques. Clothes and all kinds of stuff.

Aamulehti (Finland) on May 28 ran a Jimi Tenor story. "This new record (Beyond the Stars) was made after I had children. At first I was a bit worried if I could write at all anymore. I thought some mystical ingredient would be gone, but that wasn't the case. Now it's even easier to concentrate on music." Jimi is also asked which records he would recommend if someone inspired by his music would start listening to jazz: "Karma and Thembi from Pharoah Sanders, Sun Ra's Space is the Place and Lonnie Liston Smith's Cosmic Funk. They are somehow friendly, but not mainstream."

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