Jimi Tenor: Deutsche Grammophon ReComposed
Track by track with Jimi Tenor

1. Steve Reich: Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organ listen
I went to Ilpo Väisanen´s house to record the intro. He had made a plate reverb there, from a plate I found on the roof. I just put though it some passages of various tracks. At least this one and Ionisation has some of that plate sound. It´s rough. By the way, Lary7 had showed us how to make these plate reverbs. Cheers Lary!
Otherwise the track is some sort of a mutant reggae. Not very minimal after my arrangement, I´m afraid.

2. Esa-Pekka Salonen: Wing on Wing listen
I bought a Nepalese drum from a gift shop and played it to every track for a while. It didin´t fit into this version but there are some incredible writing for French horns in the original.

3. Pierre Boulez: Répons, Section 1 listen
Thanks Pierre letting me mess with your tracks! Would be nice to see one of this special performances with speakers here and there.

4. Erik Satie: Vexations, Version 1 listen
I love Satie because he was the original hippie. Or rather last real bohemian artist, what I have understood. I played my piano in this one. It was so out of tune people have thought I played "prepared piano"! I had it tuned a week later…

5. Edgard Varèse: Déserts listen
I am a big fan of Varese. I felt I need to do something a bit different to be worthy. Judge yourselves.

6. Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov: Symphony No. 2 Op. 9 "Antar", 1. Largo listen
These big orchestra pieces are a pain to destroy! Always instruments coming in, going out! Never a proper place where to make a clean edit! What where they thinking about in those romantic old days?

7. Erik Satie: Vexations, Version 2 listen
This version was made without "being played". It was all step written and played with a Korg Polysix, which has a very basic sequencer in it. Uh, if not all, but say 90% of the sounds.

8. Steve Reich: Six Pianos listen
I was seriously worried what Mr Reich would say about this. I think I made a real beautiful song, but still.

9. Pierre Boulez: Messagesquisse, Tres rapide listen
I wanted to make some kind of a blue grass track out of this. Horsehair flying!

10. Edgard Varèse: Ionisation listen
A classic. I made what I could. I made many versions and destroyed them. This one was left.

11. Erik Satie: Vexations, Version 3 listen
Mongo Aaltonen plays a drum set in this one. Well done Mongo!

12. Georgi Sviridov: Choral Concerto without words in memory of Alexander Yurlov, no. 3 Chorale listen
I had visited an old monastery in Kiev and this was influenced by the experience. A bit scary, I hope.

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