Sähkö Nights
Italian tour 31 Oct - 5 Nov 2000

Jimi Tenor's Italian tour starts on October 31 at Brancaleone, Rome.

The shows will be different from what we've seen lately, as his set will contain material from the 'Impostor Orchestra' and 'City Of Women' records too.

Nicole Willis will be performing songs from her recently released 'Soul Makeover' album with her band: Chris Dawkins on guitar, Simon Pearson on drums, Peter Shand on bass and of course Jimi Tenor.

Beats between and after the sets will be served up by DJ Esko Routamaa from Finland.

The second show of the tour will be webcast, so be sure to tune in for the live stream from Tenax, Florence on November 1.

The dates:

31 Oct: Brancaleone, Rome
01 Nov: Tenax, Florence
02 Nov: Teatro Nuovo, Turin
03 Nov: Tunnel, Milan
04 Nov: Link, Bologna
05 Nov: Times Zones, Bari

See the Tenax show