Still from Urinator presents:
A film by Jimi Tenor and Jusu Lounela
Introduction by Jimi Tenor

Urinator was done in 16mm, which doesn't mean the quality got any higher...

I think the soundtrack is very good. It's performed by Ultra Bide (featuring JT on vocals). We got some really nice stills from this production.

In couple of scenes we had to use a stunt man (Gustavo) for Jusu. He's the guy throwing flames and stuff. The reason for this was that we had trouble with the police. They kept coming to the abandoned swimming pool where we shot the film because they got complaints from a school nearby. The kids said we were shooting a porn film... ridiculous! I guess from a distance it could look like... who knows! The rest of the scenes we had to shoot behind a small building at the swimming pool so that the kids couldn't see what we were doing.

Obviously all our films are dubbed. It costs too much money to record on location and acting is much less demanding without proper dialogue. Also if one doesn't have a story line it helps a lot to dub because you can invent the dialogue later on. Take a lot of shots behind people so you can put words in their mouths.

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