Make a video for Jimi!

Note: This project has ended, see the videos here!

Make a "video" for Jimi's forthcoming album Utopian Dream. The "video" will be shown exclusively on this website! Nowhere else!

You will have 100% artistic freedom, do whatever you wish. No censorship. No rules, this is not a TV station! It can be based on stills or moving image. Whatever. The size on the screen will be very small, so that the works can be watched with any connection real time.

Jimi is willing to shoot video and take stills if you need material of him or taken by him. The requirements should be quite simple though. For example "need footage of Jimi singing the song at the beach, wearing white outfit" would be within limits. Jimi can send video in DV format. Still photos normal 1 hour color prints.

To qualify please send a 3 sec. sample of your work to We'll send you MP3 files of two songs you can choose from.

Note: This project has ended, see the videos here!