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Aulos was recorded in Berlin, at Philophones Studio, during happier pre-covid times! Cover art is by a ghanaian artist Babs.

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NY, Hel, Barca (1994-2001) is a compilation of Jimi Tenor's early works from the legendary Warp and Sähkö days (1994-2001).
Release is set for March 6th, 2020.

The first 150 orders will receive a limited orange vinyl!

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01. Xineotepe Heat
02. Utopian Dream
03. Take Me Baby
04. Fantom (The Wandering Ghost)
05. Tesla
06. Year Of The Apocalypse
07. Spell
08. Rubberdressing
09. Teräsmies
10. Sugardaddy
11. A Daughter Of The Snow
12. Shore Hotel
13. Muchmo
14. Backbone Of Night (feat. Riga Symphony Orchestra)
15. My Mind
16. Natural Cosmic Relief
17. Voimamies
18. Unmentionables
19. Theme Sax
20. Outta Space


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