Ask Jimi!

06: I would like to buy some Shamans records but they are impossible to get. Will they ever be re-issued?

Jimi: There are some albums left at Bad Vugum, even if they're not in their mailing list. Just ask for them. Earlier could ask Poko Rekords if they'd be into the idea. Our first album is hard to trace. We don't know where the masters are.

07 Sean Dunlevy: I only heard Jimi's music 2 nights ago at a friends house having taken 2CB & Ketamine. Today I bought Sahkomies and was pleased to note that it sounds great without drugs as well! Amazing stuff; Nice one ;-)

Jimi: What is 2CB? Never heard...... I'm afraid to try anything like Ketamine and I won't either! I'm a beer man, sorry to say. I'm happy the music sounded good next day. I do my music in the mornings because I'm not fully awake yet!

08 Maxwell Kooba: Hello Jimi / Jimi fans. Class music! Come to the North of England please.

Jimi: Unfortunately I don't seem to get much gigs in England. Too bad.....I'd like to. I think the business in this country (UK) is a bit nationalistic.

09 Jrn: Im impressed by your gear Jimi. Im also a retrosynth freak.

Jimi: Retrosynth fan.....I like retrosynths....but I like anything! I just bought a Zithra. I think it's an Austrian instrument a bit like Kantele (Finnish national instrument), the difference is that kantele has about 100 strings less than zithra. Which shows where Finnish culture is coming from! To people who don't know what I'm talking about: these instuments are like little harps or dulcimers. You play them with your fingers (I think). In the most primitive kantele there are 5 strings (and 5 notes, you can't change the pitch like in guitar!)

Oh, about retrosynths: I just got a Moog ROGUE. Nice, I think it's a Radio Shack-Moog really. but it sounds great!

10 Amy: Greetings! I saw some Jimi Tenor videos on Viva Zwei last summer, and ever since (18 months!!!) have been trying to locate a recording of the "Live at the Nite Club" show, and/or any of the Sugardaddy/Take Me Baby CD singles. If anyone has any leads, please e-mail me. Thanks very much!

Jimi: Sugardaddy singles: try Warp they should have them.