Photo: Chris Gurney

Beyond Nowhere
An interview with Jimi Tenor (3/4)

CG: The audience might be a bit surprised, even confused when they hear the opening track... How do you think this album will be received?

JT: People are going to be happy to hear something which is serious, but doesn't need to last more that 5 minutes.

CG: Soaring through a beautiful dream in "Paint the Stars" and, on the other hand, soundtrack-like action in "Night in Loimaa"... all in all, much of the music on 'Out of Nowhere' is quite cinematic...

JT: The great thing about film-music is the length. You can have complex stuff that lasts for 23 seconds and that's it. Normally serious composers wouldn't do short stuff and they start to do some sort of musical masturbation that lasts forever and nobody wants to hear.

CG: Would you like to do a soundtrack some day? I understand much of 'Europa' was originally written for a film...

JT: Yeah, directors call my manager Geoff Wener. I want to work!

CG: Speaking of films... Any plans to make some more of those?

JT: I hope my friend Jusu Lounela has some ideas because I don't. There's no point to do films without ideas.

CG: What's your personal favourite on 'Out of Nowhere', and looking back, is there something you would do differently now?

JT: My favourite is "Better than Ever" although it could sound more psychedelic. If I wanted to do something different I'd rather start a new album.