Ask Jimi!

01 David: Geez, what happened to the Warp deal - any more info?

Jimi: Warp thought I didn't sell enough compared to the money I spent on shows and recordings. They also thought I couldn't decide if I wanted to be mainstream or underground. Well....that's my image in a nutshell! I don't want to decide!

02: How can I contact your booking agent or management?

Jimi: My manager went out of business... booking: Contact me through this website.

03 Thomas: I would like to wear some Tenor but couldn't find anywhere to get it. So could you tell me where I can see and perhaps order some t-shirts?

Jimi: This is embarrassing....there's only one shop in Finland that sells the stuff, it's called Limbo. There is no mail order or anything. And won't be for a while.

04 Robin: Where can I find lyrics of Jimi Tenor?

Jimi: Heh-heh......I guess I could start to put them in the website little by little. You might have realized that the most common word in them used to be BABY. Now I'm getting a bit more complex.

05 Juergen : Are the tenor-films downloadable or available somewhere? I'm very interested! Thank you in advance.

Jimi: I found the VHS this week. I'm going to send them to Chris Gurney today. Hopefully he knows how to put them in to the site.

(Chris: Yes, I do... you'll find them here)