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Tenorvision is the official Jimi Tenor site, launched on June 27th 1999.

Thanks go out to Jimi Tenor, Nicole Willis, Matti Knaapi, Tommi Grönlund, Greg Eden @ Warp Records, Kitty-Yo, pHinn and of course everyone who has contributed material and helped me with this web site project.

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2004 Updates:

27 Dec 04
Added photos from Rose Garden, Helsinki.

13 Dec 04
Added photos from Bergen.

30 Nov 04
Added photos from Helsinki.

27 Sep 04
Added photos from London.

21 Sep 04
Updated the press page & article list. Jazz Cafe photos will be up this week.

19 Sep 04
Updated the press page. Hopefully some photos from Jazz Cafe coming up soon...

30 Aug 04
A news update.

24 Aug 04
Added photos from Helsinki. Thanks Mari!

8 Aug 04
Added photos from Frankfurt. Thanks Katrin!

29 Jul 04
Updated the news andthe press appearances.

12 Jul 04
Added photos from Budapest. Thanks Laszlo!

8 Jul 04
Added pic from Cologne. Thanks Ilkka!

6 Jul 04
Added feature about the Jimi Tenor documentary project.
Cheers Frans!

5 Jul 04
Added new photos from Paris last year. Thanks Jerome!

28 Jun 04
Added photos from Brussels and Bielefeld. Thanks Christine & Jörg!

20 Jun 04
Added a piece of art.

18 Jun 04
Added a clip from Sähkö the movie. The live videos are also up now:
Barbeque Pleasure, Dirty Jimi, Tsunami

17 Jun 04
Updated the news, discography & films. Will be adding some live video clips shortly... (actually there's one here already.)

10 Jun 04
New interview including video clips! Added some links to the Beyond the Stars page.

2 Jun 04
Updated the press appearances.
Added photos from Luzern.

1 Jun 04
Updated the news & gigs.

30 May 04
Added photos from Berlin. Thanks Nicole!

21 May 04
Added the Beyond The Stars page.

17 May 04
Photos from Istanbul! Thanks to Engin Aydeniz!

3 May 04
Three live tracks from Jimi, recorded in Amsterdam last year. Enjoy!

29 April 04
New photos from Zürich! Thanks Malene!
Photos from Istanbul and Luzern coming soon...

22 April 04
Wanted: Anatole Kysk. Jimi needs to get in touch. If you can help, please drop me a line.

14 March 04
New links: and

4 March 04
New tour dates.

23 February 04
Let the music video now online.

16 February 04
News about the new video, Let The Music, which will also be available on this site soon... Thanks Espen!

12 February 04
Updated the gigs.
Please note that during 14-16 Feb may be temporarily unavailable due to server maintenance.

10 February 04
Updated the news.

26 January 04
About time I updated this site, eh? Well, I did: the news and gigs are now up to date. I'm hoping to have some video goodies online soon...


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