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Thanks go out to Jimi Tenor, Nicole Willis, Matti Knaapi, Tommi Grönlund, Greg Eden @ Warp Records, Kitty-Yo, pHinn and of course everyone who has contributed material and helped me with this web site project.

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2003 Updates:

24 December 03
Happy Christmas everybody! Added links to the new Sähkö Recordings shop from every available Jimi Tenor Sähkö release on the discography pages! Now go buy them!

3 December 03
Another new press pic: Studio Collage.

2 December 03
New press photo from Jimi: Jimi seen outside Barcelona.

19 November 03
Updated the news, added the Sun Ra tribute to the discography.

10 November 03
Added photos from Triest, March 5. Many thanks Tino!

3 November 03
Fixed the messageboard.

5 October 03
Added a couple of pics from the Big Chill. Thanks John!

1 October 03
Updated the press.

17 September 03
Updated the press and films section, added important info about Jean Gigelius.

6 September 03
News update, Sähkö Recordings site&shop coming soon...

29 August 03
Last chance to enter the summer giveaway this weekend!

1 August 03
Updated the news

18 July 03
Review from North Sea Jazz, thanks for the translation Frans!

14 July 03
Added Dour setlist, thanks Jeroen!

12 July 03
Added photos from the Cologne Stadtgarten gig, thanks Evan!
Also updated the news, gigs & links (Jimi's North Sea Jazz show & interview)

10 July 03
Updated the news, gigs & links (Jimi's Montreux show & chat)

8 July 03
Updated the news

1 July 03
Launched the summer giveaway!

28 Jun 03
Added new review link (Volksbühne, Berlin) to the On tour page.

27 June 03
Nothing just now... but a cool giveaway coming up during this weekend.

25 June 03
Updated the news & added noisebox pics. Cool video stuff coming soon I hope...

16 June 03
Updated the news & discography.

15 June 03
Updated the news

3 June 03
Updated the gigs and links...

28 May 03
Some photos from Hakavuori church, where Jimi was recording for his next album...

21 May 03
Sorry about the lack of updates... All confirmed summer shows are here.

13 Apr 03
Updated the news & gigs

7 Apr 03
Updated the news

6 Apr 03
Added pics from Antwerpen (thanks Jeroen!) also updated the links.

2 Apr 03
A link to themilkfactory interview.

24 Mar 03
Updated the press

20 Mar 03
Photos from Paris (thanks Funkygirl!)

12 Mar 03
More photos from Zagreb (thanks Sandro!)& updated the press

10 Mar 03
Added pics from Zagreb (thanks Pedja!) some Higher Planes review links & updated the press

8 Mar 03
Updated the news

5 Mar 03
Updated the news (Bologna show cancelled)

26 Feb 03
Updated the Press

24 Feb 03
Added links to photos from the Warsaw show to the On Tour and Links.

18 Feb 03
Updated the news in Japanese.

16 Feb 03
Added photos from the Jimi Tenor Big Band show in Helsinki last Tuesday.

13 Feb 03
Added some nice photos by Tommi Grönlund to the press photos.

12 Feb 03
Updated the news, discography. Was at Jimi's gig last night, should have some photos up soon (Yes, it was good!)

5 Feb 03
Updated the news, gigs, links...

1 Feb 03
A little press review for the first time in ages...

31 Jan 03
Added some new photos, including one of Jimi doing his score for Mister Freedom at the Horse Hospital.

30 Jan 03
Added new press photos

27 Jan 03
Couple of new press photos (Jimi at the rather windy Cap de Creus, Jan 2003). Also updated the photo gallery.

24 Jan 03
Added some review links to the Higher Planes page.

18 Jan 03
Updated the Higher Planes info, added Jimi's comments in Japanese

14 Jan 03
Updated the news & gigs

6 Jan 03
Updated the news & gigs, added new photos to the interview & press photos.

2 Jan 03
Updated the news & gigs.


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