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Tenorvision is the official Jimi Tenor site, launched on June 27th 1999.

Thanks go out to Jimi Tenor, Nicole Willis, Matti Knaapi, Tommi Grönlund, Greg Eden @ Warp Records, Kitty-Yo, pHinn and of course everyone who has contributed material and helped me with this web site project.

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2002 Updates:

23 Dec 02
Updated the news.

16 Dec 02
Updated the news, added JT big band tour dates.

9 Dec 02
Added a new photo to the press photos.

7 Dec 02
A new interview with Jimi is up, also track-by-track comments on Higher Planes... also updated the news.

11 Nov 02
Jimi is looking for a bass trombone player for his tour, please contact Jimi via email to me if you feel up to the job!

10 Nov 02
Robin Kjellberg sent in his portait of Jimi Tenor, which was inspired by Jimi's recent Paris gig. Thanks!

1 Nov 02
Updated the news & gigs.

25 Oct 02
Updated the links.

18 Oct 02
Updated the news & gigs.

15 Oct 02
Updated the news.

10 Oct 02
Updated the news & discography.

1 Oct 02
Updated the news & gigs.

16 Sep 02
Added lyrics for Take Me Baby.

9 Sep 02
Updated the news & gigs.

2 Sep 02
Photos from Tavastia Helsinki 23 Aug.

29 Aug 02
Added links to some photos from Tallinn last weekend to the links & on tour pages... Photos from Helsinki coming over the weekend (hopefully)

18 Aug 02
Added lyrics for Call Of The Wild.

7 Aug 02
Updated the news & added Louie Austen Hoping remixes & Orks to the discography. Soundclips from Sähkö/Puu releases coming soon...

1 Aug 02
Updated the news & gigs.

19 Jul 02
Updated the press pages, added Australian tour flyer to the gigs page.

13 Jul 02
Changed the concert photo pages... added some more pics from Bundolo.

8 Jul 02
Photos from last Saturday's Club Bundolo. They're not on the concert photo pages yet... I think I'll have to do something about that section to make it easier to find what you're looking for - and to make it easier for me to update ;-)
Also the latest news in Japanese updated.

1 Jul 02
Updated the news, gigs, discography. The bio is translated into Japanese by Mayuko Wada!

23 Jun 02
Download White Dots On Red! Also you'll find a link on the On tour page to some pics from Donauinselfest.

6 Jun 02
News in Japanese!

1 Jun 02
Updated the news

7 May 02
A news update...

6 May 02
Updated the gigs, added reviews of the recent shows in Japan (in Japanese!)

23 Apr 02
New photos from Japan. Thanks Mayuko!

22 Apr 02
Updated the press & links.

18 Apr 02
New Tenorwear catalogue including downloadable images!

15 Apr 02
New photos in from Moscow... and some from the show here.

11 Apr 02
Finally some new downloads... recorded in Riga last April where he gave an outstanding symphonic experience. Hear two tracks: Jimi's Entrance and Backbone Of Night at the downloads!

1 Apr 02
Updated the news & press pages

26 Mar 02
Photos from Helsinki, March 19.

22 Mar 02
Updated the news & links & gigs. Photos from the Helsinki show will (hopefully) be up soon...

18 Mar 02
Photos from Säätämö, Turku, March 9.

6 Mar 02
Updated the news

1 Mar 02
Updated the news

23 Feb 02
Updated the news & gigs. Also put back the old Nicole Willis page, originally published in December 1999, where she tells Tenorvision about the making of her first solo album.

18 Feb 02
Updated the news & gigs

13 Feb 02
The press pages are back

3 Feb 02
Some photos from the Riga show last April, sorry for the slight delay:-) Also updated the tour info & news and put in a review of the Garage gig last October (this one's in Finnish, sorry)

30 Jan 02
New link to interview at

28 Jan 02
Added a sound sample and pictures of Sirkka to the gear page.

22 Jan 02
Launched the new site design. The content is pretty much the same as before. Some of the old stuff isn't here at the moment, but will be added shortly.
The guestbook has been replaced by the new messageboard. Use it to ask Jimi a question, comment on something, or just use it as a guestbook if you like... whatever.

18 Jan 02
Fixed the video links in the discography pages

16 Jan 02
Updated the news & gigs

10 Jan 02
Updated the news & gigs