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The Age (Australia) on April 26 talked to Jimi about many things from his favourite hobby "... the golf world is kind of crazy.. you have to deal with these people thet you just don't like... I always get stopped by people saying 'You can't play in that outfit, blah, blah, blah...'" to his next album which he says will be "very different to Utopian Dream", quoting Yes and Rush as "big influences!"

Time Off (Australia) on April 17 interviewed Jimi: "When I was about 30 I started to get frustrated about music... I felt as if I wasn't going anywhere and started to think I should work on something else... That all changed though, which was for the best." "I like working with big bands, and I'll do more of it in the future, I know this."

Revolver (Australia) on April 17 interrupted Jimi's breakfast for an interview. "I think I'm considered more like some kind of outsider artist than a star, lets say like these people who do sculptures behind the gas station on the lawn and some guy has done an art peace out of a log with a chainsaw. I think I'm that sort of a guy but with music... I think my chainsaw is my flute and my log is, oh I really don't know, lets say my maracas."

The Drum Media on 16 April ran a Jimi Tenor story... "A lot of my friends do the powerbook thing but I just can't get it. Especially when they bring it live, because there's not much live element in it. It's a strange concept to me. I'd rather see someone making a fool of themselves on stage."

Issue 536 (April 16) of Rave Magazine (Australia) interviews Jimi. The whole mag is downloadable in PDF format here.

Jimi played in Oulu, Finland on Mar 17. The local newspaper Kaleva ran a pre-gig story on March 14 and a review of the show on March 19. A good review of the Helsinki show a couple of days later appeared in Rumba issue 6/02.

An excellent review of Jimi's Turku gig on Mar 9 can be found in Soundi issue 3/02.

February issue of Spot on (German easy english magazine) has Britney on the cover but Jimi inside. "A Finnish man is never happy when talking", says Jimi in the interview.'

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