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A short Nicole Willis article can be found in Nyt (Helsingin Sanomat weekly supplement) on 15 Dec.

Issue 5 of Grooves Magazine is out now with some Jimi in it, see

Nicole Willis talks about her music in issue 30 of Aktivist (Helsinki), issue 7 of Sue (Finland), and in November's i-D.

Issue 102 of Future Music interviews Jimi Tenor about his equipment and the cover CD includes his Call of the Wild from Out of Nowhere. The article is online at Future Music.

Jockey Slut has some Jimi Tenor in the October 2000 issue but also introduces Nicole Willis and her 'Soul Makeover' album. The 'Sweet soul music' article is online at their site... More Nicole can be found in Sleazenation, October 2000, where she reveals her favourite noise - the Alesis HR16, "One of Jimi's toys that I like working with". As you might recall, Jimi's pick back in July was a rabbit sizzling on a barbeque.

The September issue of Select takes us over to Jimi's home in London where he talks about various objects of interest such as his toy police car and a cool 'King Jimi' portrait. "I was in Thailand a couple of months ago, and this guy in the supermarket took my photo and did me a canvas portrait of myself. I wanted him to paint me as the King of Thailand but he was worried he might be executed if he did. So he made me look like Clark Kent instead".

Jimi's Barbican show on September 17 is reviewed at The Observer, The Independent, The Guardian and La Vanguardia introduces his following show in Barcelona with this story. More from the Spanish press on the subject here.

Kerrang (would you believe it?) has a Jimi Tenor gig review from earlier on... check it out.

September's Spex (German mag) has a Jimi Tenor story illustrated with photos by Jimi, rather than of him, as the case usually is... You can find the featured photos and more here.

The September issue of the Swedish Edge magazine is a very special one in which the editorial staff's favourite artists were given a page of their own to do whatever they wanted to with. Jimi Tenor's contribution brings out some show-biz illusions created by the media. He uses press clippings of Sharon Stone with her husband and their newly adopted son as an example.

The French magazine Technikart meets with Jimi Tenor in issue 44. Here's a scan from the article with Jimi posing with David Bowie! "It's embarrassing to admit these days, but back then I wanted to be David Bowie more than anyone. I thought he was so cool; because of the hair, I guess", says Jimi in The Times on July 29. Read more about the music that made him.

There's a short interview and a review of Jimi's recent gig at the Koneisto festival in Helsingin Sanomat on August 7. Check them out here (in Finnish). Turun Sanomat covered the Koneisto show too, the story is online here.

The two main Finnish rock magazines Rumba and Soundi both had a page or two on Jimi in their August issues. They also covered the Koneisto festival and agreed Jimi Tenor's performance was among the highlights of the festival.

'Out of Nowhere' has been getting mostly excellent reviews; the Finnish rock magazine Rumba awarded it 9 points (out of 10) and the Guardian gave it a 4 star review as did Select, Uncut and Jockey Slut. "Flowing between intense drama, heart wrenching beauty and solid funk, this album is endlessly listenable", says Paul Sullivan in DJ mag (issue 69), and gives it 9 out of 10. The following issue (70) of DJ also has a short interview.

Here's some reviews online: Spin, The Guardian, The Times and The Sunday Times, Baltimore City Paper, Tageszeitung, Spex and Bremervörder Zeitung.

Independent on July 14 has a review too, but also an interview with "the greatest showman in pop", an online version of which you'll find here.

July's Jockey Slut reviewed not only 'Out Of Nowhere' but also 'City Of Women' in the July issue. They even had Jimi try out some clothes... take a look.

The July issue of Sleazenation has a pageful of Jimi grilling a rabbit. Yes, that's his favourite noise. "I picked the sound of a rabbit sizzling on the barbeque. It's that combination of meat and fire that does it for me."

The July issue of Face has a short review: "The true prince of Finland makes another state visit to planet Earth, backed by a soundtrack of free jazz and Stravinsky-inspired soul. This is full-blown orchestral funk that's got Danny Elfman reaching for the jobs pages."

The July 1 issue of Billboard has an article on Jimi and his new record. "It's good to confuse people," says Tenor, "except when you're trying to sell records. They just don't know on which shelf to put the stuff; it's a bigger problem than people think." He continues, "The idea was to surprise people: no use of modern technology. Technically, the album could've been done in the early '70s."

Crash, a French magazine, ran a Jimi Tenor interview in their summer issue.

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