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Pirkka Åman writes about the downhill of the music industry in Finnish newspaper Kaleva's weekly supplement on Sep 27. Comments from Jimi are included: "Now the big companies keep releasing boring music, which I personally haven't listened to in years. The downfall of the industry would be good for live music too", says Jimi. "Music could be distributed on the web, for free. The artists would get paid as before the industry existed - from live perfomances."

Jimi Tenor's unrealized film project popped up in Helsingin Sanomat on Sunday 14 Sep in a story about abandoned Jean Sibelius (Finnish national composer) film projects.

A good review of Jimi's show at the Sun Ra tribute night at North Sea Jazz festival appeared in the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant, read a translation here.

Excellent reviews of the Jimi Tenor Big Band at London's Jazz Cafe... The Evening Standard writes: "At last, a jazz showman for the 21st century ... Nothing as colourful as this youthful 11-piece crew has been seen since Sun Ra shuffled off to another planet ... Where Jimi goes next is anyone's guess, put his potential is immense. Here's a multi-gifted jazz performer reaching and exiting pop-conditioned audiences who don't care about nostalgia or a vast backlog of historic recordings. Revolutionary." Also read the four-star Guardian review on line.

A Jimi Tenor interview appears in Alias (Italy) on 1 March.

"I usually just check my homepage to see what I've been up to and when", Jimi says in City (Finland) issue 3/03, and in the following issue recommends Sun Ra's Space is the Place album.

Rumba (Finland) issue 2/03 interviews Jimi Tenor: "I've never really listened to Zappa, well maybe two songs or so... Now I've decided to get some Zappa. I've placed an order."

"At home I listen to old records like seventies jazz-fusion from Stanley Clarke or good eighties dub from King Tubby. I don't listen to new stuff, some journalists tend to link my music to artists releasing stuff nowadays, but I don't know most of the guys I'm linked to", says Jimi in Plastiks (Belgium) issue 59.

Good reviews for Higher Planes so far: five stars from Uncut (UK), four out of five from Rytmi (Finland), Sue (Finland) gives 9 out of 10 as does Eesti Ekspress (Estonia), Plastiks (Belgium) gives four stars, Nieuwe Revu (Netherlands) also four stars out of five. "Confidence and maturity on every track", says The Irish Times giving three stars. A four-star review along with a short interview appears in Rockstar (Italy) Feb 2003. "The best psychedelic funk album since Lonnie Liston Smith's 1976 'Reflection of a Golden Dream'", says Frequency (Italy).

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